Greek journalists warn over press freedom

Tension rises between Greek government and media after TV presenters are suspended over criticism of public order minister

Greek journalists have warned that press freedom was under unprecedented attack, with critics being suspended or put on trial by a precarious coalition government struggling to push through an economic austerity programme as a way of attracting foreign funds.

The clash between the government and the press appeared to be nearing a crisis with a strike due to start on Tuesday on state television (ERT) over the suspension of two popular presenters for mild criticism of a minister. Meanwhile, the editor of an investigative magazine went on trial on Monday forpublishing a list of some 2,000 wealthy Greeks with Swiss bank accounts who the government has yet to investigate for possible tax evasion. Lire la suite

Greece: Press in danger

Two journalists were fired today by the Greek public television organization (ERT) because they analyzed claims in a Guardian’s article on tortures that took place at the General Police Directorate of Attica.
A few minutes later the directors of the Greek Public Television organization made an announcement according to which these two journalists do not belong any more to the staff of the organization. This is an obvious violation against the right of having access to information which is supposed to be provided by any democratic state to its citizens. Lire la suite