A bankers willing executioner, by Antifa Investigación


In BBC Paul Mason’s report published a few days ago, the notorious Golden Dawn MP Ilias Panagiotaros declares ‘We are at war with domestic and international bankers’ (3:08 Mason’s report http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-19976841) Sure, Panagiotaros likes to imagine himself as a righteous warrior, but truth falls closer to the fact that he is a mercenary, and after looking between the lines one can understand that he could, god and leader willing, become a bankers willing executioner.

In one of the speediest consolidations in the Greek banking sector, the fourth largest bank, Piraeus Bank, completed as of July 30, the 95m euro takeover of the healthy part of the state-owned Agricultural Bank of Greece (ATE Bank). Only the real estate property of ATE Bank has been estimated to surpass one billion euro in value.

Head of Central Bank of Greece Giorgos Provopoulos

Head of Central Bank of Greece Giorgos Provopoulos

The deal, announced by the central bank on July 27, paved the way for a spate of mergers and takeovers, part of a demand by the troika of lenders to restructure the banking sector.

The deal was performed under obscure circumstances and met harsh opposition in public sphere as well as in the parliament. Lire la suite